Verbal and material escalations are not the solution: Stop the War in Ukraine!

We, the undersigned, hereby petition all officials in politics and the military to refrain from verbal and material escalations immediately and to take steps to arrive at a common and peaceful reconciliation of interests in the Ukraine conflict.

Therefore, we call upon the transitional government in Kiev and the Russian government to cease and desist from violent act and threats against the other party and neutral forces and to refrain from their irresponsible war and escalation rhetoric and to take care that according to the Geneva Declaration that nationalist paramilitary organizations in the Ukraine as well as pro-Russian Militias in the east of the country are disarmed immediately.

We are calling further on the governments of the OSCE member states to exercise their influence that the OSCE assume a greater role as mediators and that the official OSCE observer according to the Geneva Declaration will be substantially enhanced for that purpose.

We also call upon the officials in the USA and NATO to desist from all verbal and material steps of escalation.

We call upon the Federal Government, especially Chancellor Angela Merkal, to exercise their influence that the conversations in the NATO Russia Council resume.

These conversations have to include specific offers to Russia that avert war and civil war in the Ukraine.

We include:
Peace and security in the Ukraine; preservation of the county’s territorial integrity; restoration of the legitimacy and the monopoly of violence and coercion of the parliament and the government in Kiev; protection of minorities; the economic stabilization and the prevention of a new block confrontations between Russia and the remainder of the European continent.

We challenge the members of the German Parliament and the European Parliament to influence the federal government and the officials of the European Union to secure the peaceful future of the Ukraine and the peaceful order of Europe by initiating a process within the framework of the OSCE. We do not want enemy concepts in Europe.

For this purpose, we suggest a five point plan as the preliminary basis of negotiations:

First: In the future, the Ukraine will become a neutral power, perhaps following the Finnish example. Neither a Nato membership shall be pursued nor a EU membership in the medium term.

Second: In return, the existing guarantors Russia, Great Britain, the United States, and the European Union will again entrench and guarantee the territorial integrity of the Ukraine.

Third: The Ukraine chooses its economic associations autonomously and freely. This arrangement may not only promise economic success for the Ukraine but may also be interesting for potential partners in Russia and/or the European Union.

Fourth: The responsibility of the regions shall be strengthened within the framework of a new constitution of the Ukraine. That includes the autonomous elections of governors by the regional parliaments and the strengthening of the federal subjects in a second legislative chamber.

Fifth: We seek elections as soon as possible. That shall not be limited to presidential elections on May 25, 2014 solely, but the national and regional parliaments shall be newly elected likewise.

It would be ideal if such elections were to be conducted by a national unity government because it would enjoy the acceptance of the entire country. The Weimar triangle, consisting of the foreign ministers of Poland, France, and Germany, had already negotiated a national unity government for Ukraine with the most important Ukrainian parties on February 22, 2014 to avoid conflicts and to create trust.

We, the undersigned, warn strongly against endangering the European peace order with martial rhetoric, escalating measures, and threats of sanctions by politics and media so carelessly. Insofar as we are active in party of public office or civil society organizations, we also appeal to these organizations to join our call for peace in Europe and to communicate to those who are responsible for the current development our position clearly.

The undersigned, April 28, 2014 (Translation by Hellmut Lotz)

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